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Show and Tell

New Show Me Tell Me Questions

From December 4th 2017 the practical driving test is changing and the DVSA have released a list of new show me tell me questions. There will also be a slightly different format of how the driving examiner will be asking them on the test.

Most of the questions are the same as on the current driving test but now, you’ll be asked just one ‘tell me’ question at the driving test centre before setting off and the other ‘show me’ question will be asked on the move whilst on the test itself.

Some of the ‘tell me’ questions will still require you to open the bonnet – i.e. engine oil, brake fluid, coolant so you need to be familiar with whatever vehicle you using to take your driving test. Ask your instructor or supervising driver to go through them with you well before your driving test.

The big change is that the ‘show me’ questions are now asked on the move during the actual drive – you’ll be asked just one out of 7 possible questions. It can be at any time during the driving test; even while you are on the independent driving section of the test. You’ll be asked something like, ‘when it’s safe, could you show me how you set the rear demister,’ or ‘when it’s safe, show me how you would switch on your dipped headlights.’

If you aren’t sure how to carry out the task, the driving examiner will ask you to pull over and familiarise yourself with where the controls are and then move off again but the actual demonstration must be carried out whilst the vehicle is moving.

As long as the ‘show me’ question is carried out safely whilst keeping full control of your vehicle you won’t have a problem.


Show Me Tell Me Question Videos

Here are the official DVSA videos for the vehicle check questions:

Show Me Questions From December 2017


Tell Me Questions From December 2017


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